COVID19 Apéritif Reopening Guidance

The purpose of the guidance is just that, to offer our guests direction and provide a framework for best practices as we reopen.
– We provide ServSafe food handler training for our employees. They are front liners so, educating them protects them, other staff, and our guests.
– Cashless payment system, providing QR payment methods.


  • Prohibiting sick employees in the workplace.
  • Strict handwashing practices include how and when to wash hands.
  • Strong procedures and practices to clean and sanitize surfaces.
  • Ensuring the person in charge is a certified food safety manager.
  • Ensuring the person in charge is on-site at all times during operating hours.



To prepare to comply with opening procedures, operators should update their existing policies and operating procedures in accordance with the latest FDA, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, and Environmental Protection Agency guidance and in accordance with local and state officials regarding:

  • Social distancing and protective equipment.
  • Employee health.
  • Cleaning/sanitizing/disinfecting.
  • Wear mask.



  • Discard all food items that are out of date.
  • Change, wash and sanitize utensils frequently and place appropriate barriers in open areas.
  • If providing a “grab and go” service, stock coolers to no more than minimum levels.



  • Thoroughly detail-clean and sanitize the entire facility, especially if it has been closed. Focus on high-contact areas that would be touched by both employees and guests. Do not overlook seldom touched surfaces. Follow sanitizing material guidance to ensure it’s at effective sanitizing strength and to protect surfaces.
  • Avoid all food contact surfaces when using disinfectants.
  • Between seatings, clean and sanitize table condiments, tabletops, and common touch areas. Single-use items should be discarded. Consider using rolled silverware and eliminating table pre-sets.
  • Clean and sanitize reusable menus. Implement procedures to increase how often you clean and sanitize surfaces in the back of the house. Avoid all food contact surfaces when using disinfectants.
  • Check restrooms regularly and clean and sanitize them based on the frequency of use.
  • Make hand sanitizer readily available to guests. Consider touchless hand sanitizing solutions.



  • Per existing FDA Food Code requirements, employees who are sick should remain at home.
  • If an employee becomes ill or presents signs of illness, the operator should identify the signs during a pre-work screening and follow the business’s established policies on when the ill employee is allowed to return to work. At a minimum, however, follow CDC guidelines – tell the employee to self-isolate for seven days from the onset of symptoms and be symptom-free for three days without medication.
  • Taking employees’ temperatures is at the operators’ discretion. The CDC has not mandated taking an employee’s temperature and any operator who chooses to do so should engage health officials first and adopt policies aligned with proper procedures.
  • Train all employees on the importance of frequent hand washing, the use of hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content, and give them clear instruction to avoid touching hands to face.



  • Update floor plans, redesigning seating arrangements to ensure at least six feet of separation between table setups. Limit party size at tables to no more than the established “maximums approved” as recommended by CDC or approved by the local and government.
  • Post signage at the entrance that states that no one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 is to be permitted in the restaurant.
  • Limit contact between wait staff and guests. Where face coverings are not mandated, consider requiring wait staff to wear masks (as recommended by the CDC) if they have direct contact with guests.
  • Provide hand sanitizer for guests to use, including contactless hand sanitizing stations, and post signs reminding guests about social distancing. Thank them for their patience as you work to ensure their safety.

COVID19 Apéritif Reopening Guidance