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Aperitif Restaurant & Bar is Listed as a Recommended Restaurant in the 2022 OAD Asia’s Top List

Each year, OAD shares lists of the top restaurants within various global regions, as voted for by the website’s knowledgeable reviewers across different categories, primarily based on location and genre. Based on 6,000 people contributing over 175,000 restaurant reviews, the list is the only global restaurant guide that considers the reviewers’ experience level and gastronomic background, as well as the quality of restaurants they visit, when tabulating the results. 

“I started OAD because I thought the discussions people were having about food were not organized properly,” said Steve Plotnicki, founder of OAD. 


Among hundreds of Asia’s top restaurants, there are your usual contenders in established foodie destinations such as Singapore and Hong Kong. However, Apéritif Restaurant & Bar is one of only five Indonesian restaurants mentioned in OAD’s lists this year and has began its publicity on a regional and international stage.


Executive chef Nic Vanderbeeken brings over 20 years of experience to Apéritif. An advocate for cross-cultural collaborations, Nic’s one-of-a-kind creations are a nod to his progressive and eclectic cooking philosophy.

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Apéritif Restaurant & Bar is designed to be an enchanting and unique experience with a dining concept that integrates the long-standing European tradition of enjoying a pre-dinner drink and canapés that allows you to immerse yourself in the design and concept of a bygone era, like being transported back to the roaring twenties.


This achievement recognises the hard-working team at Apéritif who go above and beyond, day in and out, to guarantee guests have a truly remarkable experience. We look forward to continuing success with OAD in future years.


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