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Exquisite Vegan Fine Dining In Ubud

Welcome to the most distinguished address for vegan fine dining in Ubud. 

Apéritif Restaurant invites you to experience a sophisticated seven-course degustation menu that blends vegan ethos and culinary eclecticism like never imagined. It transports you to an unforgettable sensorial paradise, the moment you take your first bite. Consider this experience the new art of vegan gastronomy conceived just for you.

Each of our meals is a creative master stroke. Visually stunning. A rare symphony of flavour and finesse. 

Elevating this enriching dining is our luxurious 1920s-style colonial mansion. Resplendent in antique chandeliers and Baroque patterns, we promise you an enchanting ambience with unmatched service and sophistication. Perfect for a special celebration, intimate dining, or an ode to life. 

Vegan dining experience at Aperitif restaurant

Outstanding Service

At Apéritif, our commitment to providing exceptional service elevates the overall dining experience.

Right from your arrival, our staff will greet you warmly. We ensure that every part of your meal is impeccable, from guiding you through our offerings to offering personalised recommendations. We customise your dining experience to your dietary preferences. 

Throughout your meal, our staff remains attentive and discreet, ensuring your comfort. Our commitment to your satisfaction is evident in the presentation of each meal and the seamless coordination of service.

A tofu, vegan, plant based dish at fine dining restaurant Aperitif

Redefined Vegan Gastronomy

The vegan degustation menu features seven artistically designed and scrumptious fine dining meals, reflecting the creativity and craftsmanship of our chefs. Get onto a spectacular exploration featuring Chef Nic’s renowned Mushroom Wellington, eternal favourite ‘Sensation White’ dish with its hidden surprise, and Pastry Chef Dayu’s Petit Fours.

Apéritif Restaurant sources the highest quality ingredients — locally grown produce and authentic speciality items from different corners of the world — to ensure freshness and flavour in every dish.

The exquisite mélange of textures and tastes promises to cast an unforgettable spell on your senses, exceeding your expectations, and tempting you to return for another exquisite experience

The finest plant based ingredients at Aperitif Restaurant

Vegan & Vegetarian Fine Dining

Unlike many restaurants that may offer limited vegetarian and vegan options as an afterthought, Apéritif’s commitment to veganism and vegetarianism is demonstrated in its carefully curated menus. 

Our fine dining experience goes beyond just the food on the plate. The restaurant is committed to ethical dining practices that advocate concern for the environment. By choosing Apéritif Restaurant for vegan fine dining in Bali, you can align your dining choices with our values and support a fine-dining restaurant that prioritises sustainable food practices.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or simply curious about plant-based dining, Apéritif invites you to explore and enjoy a vegan culinary journey that celebrates taste, creativity, and ethical dining

Apéritif Restaurant Interior

Luxurious Atmosphere

Apéritif’s sophistication accompanies Ubud’s serenity. The fine-dining restaurant beckons discerning diners like you to step into a realm of refinement. 

Our 1920s-style colonial mansion breathes timeless elegance. We have carefully curated the ambience to evoke a sense of comfort and indulgence, inviting you to unwind completely. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or longing for a calm dinner, your dining experience at Apéritif is sure to reach new heights and be memorable for a lifetime.

Vegan Fine Dining in Ubud

Whether you’re celebrating an occasion or indulging in a luxurious treat, Apéritif provides the perfect setting for a rewarding dining experience.

Join us at Apéritif and celebrate the art of vegan fine dining in Ubud. Here, every morsel is a revelation to all your senses.

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