What To Wear to a Michelin Star Restaurant?

Dining at a Michelin star restaurant is a sensory journey. Every detail — from the ambience to the service — makes an extraordinary experience. While indulging in gourmet fare is undoubtedly a highlight, fashion greatly enhances the occasion.

As you prepare for this exceptional culinary adventure, the question of what to wear comes to mind. After all, a visit to a Michelin-star restaurant is usually not a frequent occasion.

But here’s the secret: not all Michelin star restaurants adopt the same dress code. What matters most is balancing both sophistication and comfort for your epicurean journey.

So, how do you find out the dos and don’ts of dressing impeccably for a Michelin-star restaurant? In this guide we will show you exactly what to wear to a Michelin Star restaurant.

But why do such upscale havens of culinary artistry insist on a dress code in the first place?


Why Do Michelin-Star Restaurants Have Dress Codes?

Michelin-star restaurants implement dress codes for three primary reasons. Firstly, to preserve their esteemed ambience; next, to ensure a consistent dining experience; and lastly, to demonstrate respect for culinary artistry and traditions.

The dress code at Michelin restaurants is not merely a formality. It embodies the age-old proverb — When in Rome, do as the Romans do. 

Just as one would adapt to a foreign land’s customs and practices, a Michelin star restaurant expects diners to show respect for their establishment through their attire. They expect that you dress in a way that complements their establishment and reputation.


Preserving Ambiance

Michelin restaurants have a luxurious vibe. Dress codes help keep this vibe by making sure everyone’s outfits match the upscale atmosphere. From fancy décor to top-notch service, everything in the restaurant is meant to feel posh. So, wearing the right clothes helps guests feel like they belong in this classy setting.


Ensuring Consistency

Michelin-starred restaurants are renowned for their consistency in delivering exceptional dining experiences. Dress codes contribute to this consistency by establishing a standard of attire. When all diners uphold this tradition, it enhances the overall atmosphere. It ensures that every guest is part of a cohesive dining environment.


Respecting Tradition

Making the effort to dress in a manner that aligns with a Michelin starred restaurant’s standards signifies that you recognise the establishment’s dedication to excellence. Your attire reflects that you appreciate finesse in life, which resonates with the restaurant’s ethos and tradition. Additionally, it conveys your sincere interest in experiencing extraordinary dining.


What Is the Dress Code for a Michelin Restaurant?

Dress codes at Michelin star restaurants typically favour formal or smart casual attire. 

To know the dress code of the Michelin-star restaurant you plan to visit, you can check its website or inquire with the staff when making your reservation. 

For your clarity, we’ve outlined the details below.


Formal Attire 

Men can wear a tailored suit or dress pants and a collared shirt. They can pair their wear with dress shoes. Women can opt for a cocktail dress, elegant skirt or pantsuit, or a formal blouse with tailored trousers or a skirt. 


Smart Casual

Men can wear chinos or dress pants with a button-down shirt or polo shirt, and a blazer. Women can opt for a chic dress, blouse with trousers or skirt.



Men can enhance their attire with elegant accessories like a pocket square and a watch. Women can elevate their outfits with elegant jewellery and watches, paired with a stylish handbag. We suggest you avoid loud or bright colours.



How To Dress for Michelin Star Restaurants in Every Season?

While Michelin star restaurants maintain strict dress codes, they are mindful of diners’ comfort. You can customise your attire to not only adhere to the dress code but also accommodate your comfort preferences and the climate.

You can adapt the dress code to different seasons using the below tips:

  • Spring: Wear lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen.
  • Summer: Use moisture-wicking fabrics like linen and silk.
  • Fall: Layer lightweight pieces for versatility. Opt for suede and velvets for a sophisticated look.
  • Winter: Opt for cosy fabrics like wool and cashmere and stylish outerwear like jackets or coats for warmth.


Dressing for Michelin-Starred Restaurants: Cultural Considerations

When preparing to dine at a Michelin-star restaurant, it’s essential to inquire whether their dress code aligns with the cultural values and traditions of the region.

For instance, a Michelin-star restaurant in Japan could follow a dress code that reflects local customs. Also, when dining in Middle Eastern countries, we recommend your attire cover your shoulders, arms, and legs. 

When you adapt your attire to their culture, you show respect for their cultural traditions and also the restaurant.


Michelin Starred Like Experience at Apéritif Restaurant

Bali doesn’t boast Michelin-star restaurants yet. But Apéritif mirrors the elegance and sophistication of one. 

Our restaurant embodies the timeless European tradition of fine dining. Our culinary artistry is a fusion of global recipes with tantalising Asian flavours. When you reserve a table at our restaurant, you’re in for the epitome of a fine dining experience.

As you arrive, our colonial mansion and the enchanting ambience of the 1920s will mesmerise you. The Art Deco styling, the intricate Baroque, grand paintings, antique chandeliers, and a striking black-and-white aesthetic will offer a tastefully unique dining experience in Bali.

As you settle in, we will guide you through our meticulously crafted 5 degustation menus. We also offer more than 180 of the world’s most exclusive wines to complement the nuanced flavours of our meals.

With so much dedication to enhancing your dining experience, it’s only natural that we have a dress code to complement our ethos. It ranges from smart to formal attire

We are mindful of Bali’s tropical climate, so we don’t insist on strict formalities. We simply ask that you present yourself in a manner that reflects the space. Kindly refrain from wearing sports clothing or beachwear like t-shirts and flip-flops.

While adhering to our dress code, feel free to fit your personality into your attire. Whether it’s a splash of colour or a distinctive accessory, your confidence in your style will only enhance your overall dining experience with us.

So, when are you dining at Apéritif? Book your table.

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Our dress code recommendation is smart to formal. We just ask that you please refrain from wearing sports clothing or beachwear, including singlets and flip-flops. Apéritif is fully air-conditioned.



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