What Is a Michelin Plate?

A michelin plate restaurant

The Michelin Plate is a symbol of quality introduced by the prestigious Michelin Guide in 2018. It’s given to restaurants that offer quality food and wine experience. 

The dining experience is not as great as that of Bib Gourmand or Michelin starred restaurants. Yet, its still worth visiting these restaurants.

Why should this recognition matter to you? Aren’t most of us eager to savour only the best food? This blog reveals the answer.

What Is the Value of a Michelin Plate Recognition?

If a restaurant has Michelin Plate recognition, it means that it’s recommended by the Michelin Guide.

A Michelin Plate recognition is the least prestigious of Michelin’s recognition categories. Yet, diners and chefs mustn’t consider it insignificant. 

Why Michelin Plate Matters to Diners?

Many good restaurants never make it into the Michelin Guide, forget getting stars. Being listed is an honour in itself. The distinction of Michelin Plate means that good food is assured.

Why Michelin Plate Matters to Chefs?

The Michelin Guide considers Michelin Plate restaurants as potential Michelin star contenders. This recognition encourages and motivates chefs to elevate the dining experience and strive to eventually become Michelin Star Restaurants.

A Michelin Plate restaurant

How Is Michelin Plate Different From Michelin Star?

There’s a lot of difference between a restaurant having Michelin stars and Michelin Plate. 

Yet, in no way, this means that Michelin Plate restaurants are inferior. Rather, we’re giving you reasons why you must consider a Michelin Plate restaurant even if it’s not received the coveted Michelin star status.

Michelin StarMichelin Plate
They source only the highest quality ingredients. Many of them spend heavily in sourcing these ingredients.They prioritise the quality of their ingredients. But they may not always source the most premium or exclusive products
Michelin-starred chefs are innovators. They’re exceptionally skilled in balancing flavours, textures, and aromas. The chefs may be less experimental. They focus on consistently serving regionally authentic and delicious meals.
Michelin-starred chefs distinctively curate their menus, select ingredients, use cooking techniques, combine flavours, and present meals.Chefs at these restaurants are proficient in their craft, but they may lack the level of flair and artistic expression of Michelin-starred chefs.
At Michelin-starred restaurants, value is about how innovative or unique the dining experience is.
For instance, some Michelin-starred restaurants make dining theatrical with lights or motion graphics.
Michelin Plate restaurants offer a pleasing service and ambience. But, this is at a lower scale, a more accessible price point, and with less formality
Every aspect of their dining experience is consistent and world-class to retain the rank.Michelin Plate restaurants adapt and evolve over time.
A Michelin Plate meal

Experience Michelin Star Bali Guest Chefs at Apéritif 

Now you’ve learned the difference, there can be more to your dining explorations. Though the Michelin Guide has not stepped foot in Bali yet, you can still experience Michelin Plate dining on this island. 

We invite you to experience a Michelin Star experience at Apéritif Restaurant, inspired from our Michelin Guest chefs. Our elegant style, unique setting, regal décor, exceptional tasting menus, fine wine collection, and renowned service will stun you. 

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