What Is a Michelin Green Star?

Michelin Green Star is an annual award that recognises restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide for consistently following high sustainability standards in daily operations.

How do restaurants get this recognition? And, what makes them unique? Discover the answers in this blog.

Why Earning a Michelin Green Star Matters for Restaurants?

The Michelin Green Star offers the following advantages to sustainable restaurants:

  1. Enhances Reputation and Visibility

Earning a Michelin Green Star means:

  • Gaining visibility in Michelin guides, restaurant reviews and social media. This attention can attract customers. It can turn the restaurant into a go-to place for sustainable dining.
  • Creating opportunities for partnerships with local farmers, suppliers, and green businesses.
  • Drawing in investors who care about sustainability to help the restaurant grow and stay green.
  1. Motivates for Improvement

The Michelin Green Star inspires restaurants to find new or better ways to stay eco-friendly to maintain the Green Star.

Criteria for Earning a Michelin Green Star

There are no specific criteria for the Michelin Green Star since each restaurant and its environment are unique.

That said, all restaurants must provide high-quality cuisine and outstanding service as fundamental requirements.

For sustainability, Michelin Inspectors assess sustainability practices that may include:

  1. Local and Seasonal Sourcing

  • Partnering with local farms for fresh and finest ingredients
  • Ensuring the menu features seasonal ingredients.
  • Collaborating with farmers who practice regenerative farming. This restores soil health and enhances biodiversity.
  1. Energy Use and Emissions

  • Installing energy-efficient lighting and kitchen equipment.
  • Maintaining Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems to lower energy consumption and reduce emissions.
  • Monitoring energy consumption through regular audits.
  1. Food Waste Systems and Packaging

  • Adopting effective waste management methods like recycling and composting.
  • Choosing eco-friendly packaging for takeout.
  1. Resource Use

  • Using water and energy judiciously.
  • Training staff about water conservation techniques.
  1. Highlighting the Sustainability Practices

Conveying the restaurant’s eco-friendly practices through the website, social media, and menus or posters.

  1. Support for Employees and Local Communities

  • Offering fair salaries and training opportunities to the staff.
  • Hosting events for local non-profits.
  • Supporting environmental organisations or local causes through charity events or fundraising events.
  • Offering workshops on sustainable cooking practices or environmental awareness.

Are There Michelin Green Star Restaurants in Bali?

Bali doesn’t have any Michelin Star Green restaurants yet. But, the island is home to many world-class Michelin-style dining experiences. Many of them follow sustainability practices, especially the ones in Ubud.

Many fine dining restaurants like Apéritif Restaurant harvest produce from their garden and source locally. They also use ingredients as much as possible to reduce waste

These practices might not earn them a Michelin Green Star. But they reflect the same dedication to eco-friendly dining.


  1. Who is eligible for a Michelin Green Star?

Any restaurant in the Michelin Guide is eligible for a Michelin Green Star. This includes establishments with a Michelin Plate, Bib Gourmand, or a Michelin star. The Michelin Guide rewards all types of Michelin restaurants for their commitment to sustainability.

  1. Is a Michelin Green Star the same as a Michelin Star?

No, a Michelin Green Star is different from a Michelin star. 

A Michelin Star recognises exceptional dining experiences. A Michelin Green Star highlights a restaurant’s commitment to sustainable practices. A restaurant can earn both awards or just one based on its achievements.

  1. How is a Michelin Green Star restaurant represented?

A green clover icon denotes a Michelin Green Star. 

  1. Why dine at a Michelin Green Star restaurant?

Dining at a Michelin Green Star restaurant is not just about enjoying a top-quality meal. It’s your way of supporting sustainable gastronomy and a more eco-friendly future. Your support encourages other restaurants to follow in these footsteps and strive for a Michelin Green Star.

  1. How can I find Michelin Green Star restaurants near me? 

You can check the Michelin Guide for your region or search online for restaurants with this accolade.

  1. When was the Michelin Green Star launched?

The Michelin Green Star was introduced in 2020. It was featured in the 2021 editions of the Michelin Guide worldwide. The award was first presented in Great Britain and Ireland at the Michelin Star Revelation event in January 2021.

  1. How many Restaurants were Awarded a Michelin Green Star in its first year?

In its first year, 23 restaurants received the Michelin Green Star. 18 of them are in England, 1 in Scotland, 1 in Wales, and 3 in the Republic of Ireland.

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