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In Bali, food has always been a subject of fascination, not just as sustenance but as an art form. The creative expression of ingredients, techniques and presentation has brought some of the world’s most beautiful and delicious dishes straight to the island. Bali’s culinary artistry has been around for decades; today, they have only become more sophisticated. At Apéritif, we have made it our mission to embrace this ideology of food and present it to our guests in a unique and unforgettable way.


Is it a ‘Culinary Art’ or ‘Culinary Science’?

At Apéritif, our chefs draw inspiration from diverse culinary traditions to create an exquisite fusion of flavours; we pride ourselves on combining science and art, where our chefs use their knowledge of ingredients, flavour profiles and cooking techniques to create beautiful, delicious dishes that taste amazing and are visually stunning. Our lunch and dinner fine dining menus showcase the art of food, combining modern gastronomy techniques with lesser-known Indonesian ingredients and exquisite produce sourced globally. We also take pride in utilising ingredients from our greenhouse harvest, ensuring the freshest and most unique flavours for our guests.


Ubud Food Festival


Food Presentation: Why Does It Matter?

At Apéritif, we believe that food presentation is an integral facet to the dining experience. People eat with their eyes and a well-presented dish can make all the difference in how it is received. Our chefs consider numerous factors while crafting a presentable meal, such as colours, textures, themes, layering, portions and decoration. Our fine dining plating is nothing short of artistry, and our guests often think that it simply looks too good to eat! For instance the Apéritif style is very clean and striped back to draw your eye in to the dish.


The Finesse of Fine Dining

Fine dining is all about the details and at Apéritif, we pay attention to every single one. Our presentation is not just about making the dish look pretty but also about enhancing its flavour and texture. Our chefs use garnishes and decorations with a keen eye for colour and texture to ensure every dish is an experience to be savoured.


Apéritif Restaurant - Dish Venison Wellington

A Beautiful Act of Connection: Food and Building Relationships

At Apéritif, we understand the power that food has in fostering relationships and building connections. Dining with us is more than simply ingesting a well-cooked, delicious and nourishing meal; it’s a beautiful act of connection. Our 1920s-themed venue, with an intimate setting and spacious view of the rice fields, will spark conversations, encourage sharing and create a sense of togetherness. Each bite becomes a catalyst for joyful human experiences, where stories are shared, memories are made and connections are forged. We believe that fine dining is creating an experience you can’t come by easily, or recreate at home, it’s a mastery of different elements coming together.


Choosing Apéritif Restaurant

When selecting a fine dining restaurant in Bali, Apéritif is the prime choice. You will be blown away by how we reimagine typical dishes with multiple layers of flavours, texture, sight, temperature and how we creatively incorporate them.

Try the signature menu where the dishes have been crafted over the years and the epitome of the dining experience, like our Venison Wellington with Rendang sauce or Sensation white, our showpiece dessert. The prestige menu changes every 3 months, showcasing the creativity of the chefs and allowing for a completely different experience. Vegan and vegetarian menus aren’t just after thoughts, but carefully constructed to embody the Apéritif vision, you’ll be wowed by the Kohlrabi and Jackfruit dishes.

So, whether celebrating a special occasion or simply savouring a moment with loved ones, our restaurant is the perfect setting to create cherished memories and build connections through the joy of food. Book your table at Apéritif Restaurant today and indulge in a culinary journey you won’t soon forget.


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