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John Hardy Jewelry

Inspired by Bali and its time-honored jewelry-making traditions, John Hardy’s brand was founded in 1975 with a dedication to handcrafted jewelry. They are committed to sustainable luxury business practices, local craftspeople, and the preservation of Bali. John Hardy prides itself on the value of authenticity; it is the soul of the community that makes each piece truly one of a kind. 

Many of John Hardy’s designs focus on the “back grill,” where cutwork is etched on the inner surface of a piece of jewelry. Through a traditional Balinese technique, called Ukiran, abstract and figurative designs are used to create jewelry that tells a story. The back grill becomes like a secret story that cannot be seen; ensuring the inside of the piece is just as beautiful as the outer surface.

One of the largest employers on the island of Bali, John Hardy’s workshop and boutique employs over 500 multi-generational craftspeople, from watercolor artists to metalsmiths. Dedication to heritage artistry not only defines the John Hardy legacy, but it also retains artisan families that craft jewelry through meditative, communal chain-weaving, hand-hammering, and carving.

As a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, and Kimberley Process compliant, John Hardy is committed to codes of practice that ensure their stones, diamonds, and metals are ethically sourced and produced every step of the way. The same sense of responsibility is applied to their packaging. From their jewelry boxes to shopping bags, all paper materials are now certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit that manages the environmental and economic benefits of trees.

They also craft jewelry that gives back. John Hardy’s “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative, in partnership with non-profit 1,000 Bamboo Villages, is committed to cultivating the natural beauty of Bali. This means that every time you shop from the Bamboo Collection, they plant bamboo seedlings in Bali on your behalf.

Aperitif John Hardy Necklace

About John Hardy

John is renowned for his groundbreaking ideas and for being a trailblazer in the Bali art scene. The alumni of Ontario College of Art & Design, John set off to travel the world after university and chose to settle in Bali, one of the most beautiful and tranquil places on earth. 

John then learned ancient jewelry-making skills from a master craftsman whose ancestors were goldsmiths in the island’s previous royal courts, such as Rantai (woven chain), Tenun (woven mesh), Jawan (granulation), and Ukiran (cutwork). The end product is unique and outstanding jewelry with a Balinese lineage, containing ancient cultural motifs, rich heritage and symbolism, and respect for and enjoyment of a range of indigenous customs. 

In 1975, he then started a small jewelry business that finally grew into the renowned international brand John Hardy that we know now. John Hardy’s jewelry company is built on his profound love of the Balinese people and culture. He not only strives to innovate with his designs, but he is also proactively seeking out ways to give back to the community. John Hardy has distinguished himself as a humanitarian by founding projects such as Jobs For Life and “Wear bamboo, plant bamboo.” 

He established the Jobs For Life project out of love and respect for the Balinese people. Through this effort, Hardy collaborates with local orphanages to give career opportunities for youths, particularly girls. John Hardy pays for the children’s education and provides them an apprenticeship at the John Hardy Bali compound for the final two years of high school. He works hard to provide outstanding health care benefits to his employees and provides a unique option for women to work from home. The purpose of this initiative is to help severely disadvantaged Balinese children whose families could not feed, shelter, or support them through school, with the hope that they may find a “career for life” at John Hardy.

John Hardy and Apéritif collaborations

Situated in the magical Ubud, Bali’s spiritual and cultural capital of the island, Apéritif takes pride in giving guests the best culinary experience. As one of the pioneers of fine-dining restaurants and bars in Bali, Apéritif is known for its international showcase menu where various dishes occupy the personalized plates of guests. With a vision to be an exceptional destination in both the Bali and worldwide culinary scene, Apéritif sincerely values the beauty of cuisine and the dining tradition; this includes giving you an unforgettable and enchanting atmosphere. 

We are proud to work in collaboration with John Hardy, the elegant jewelry brand inspired by the ethereal beauty of the island. Every piece of powerful, dramatic, and inspiring John Hardy jewelry tells a story; starting with the designers and artisans. The unique design sensibility flows directly from the curves of nature and the forms of flora and fauna. It can take anything from three to ten months to finish work since everything is done by hand, not by machines. 

Aperitif John Hardy Silver

The craftsmen’s techniques have been passed down from generation to generation; they are passionate about their work, the environment, history, tradition, and culture. Paying tribute to Bali’s rich cultural legacy, Apéritif is honored to showcase exclusive John Hardy pieces at the restaurant. John Hardy has built an authentic community with local artisans which has translated to a company that is rooted in respect for the Balinese culture, artistry, and nature. Not only does he care about the people, but also the land that nourishes them – a value that we deeply align with as a company.

Both Apéritif and John Hardy share the same vision and values; by collaborating, we want to make a profound effect on the island while paying homage to our line of business. Ingredients are handled with respect at Apéritif. Our high-quality food is sourced from all over the world, including the best organic farms in Bali and our own greenhouse, all in a sustainable manner. Chef Nic Vanderbeeken creates exquisite food that reflects a world without boundaries – a culinary voyage that draws inspiration from Asian and European traditions.  We pay homage to Bali, its people, and its environment through our partnership with John Hardy. 

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