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Exploring Apéritif’s Ingredients: Unveiling a Curated Symphony of Flavours 


At Apéritif, the culinary team is committed to sourcing the finest ingredients, placing emphasis on local and seasonal produce. While showcasing the lesser-known Indonesian ingredients, they also curate exquisite produce from around the globe and from our own greenhouse. For example, the Cem Cem leaf is one of the main commodities produced by the Penglipuran village in Bali, which the locals drink as a healthy start to the day, as they balance the bitter taste with some fresh fruit; and Indonesian Galangal comes with a slightly citrusy yet spicy and peppery flavour, which gives more depth of flavor with its earthiness.  

Our meticulous selection allows for creation of unique flavour combinations and draws inspiration from diverse global influences. Each dish is a harmonious symphony of tastes, unveiling the richness and depth of Apéritif’s culinary artistry. 


Eclectic Flavors Unleashed: A Fusion of Culinary Wonders 


Apéritif’s eclectic dining concept is an ode to the endless possibilities that arise when global cuisines and culinary techniques intertwine. The menu at Apéritif reflects a harmonious balance between familiarity and innovation, as culinary influences from the old Spice Islands meld with distinctly modern European flavours. The ‘Octopus’ on our Prestige menu features parape and dabu-dabu vinaigrette, from the region of Makassar where Arvin, our Head Chef, grew up. A dish that’s been on the Apéritif menu since its conception in 2019, which is an absolute favourite and the epitome of this eclectic concept, is our ‘Venison Wellingtonwith its rendang sauce. The Sup Buntut is a wonderful Indonesian oxtail soup, usually a standalone dish, but here you’ll see it feature as a beautiful accompaniment to the short ribs.  

Apéritif Restaurant - Dish Venison Wellington


Exploring this culinary tapestry becomes a journey of discovery, with each dish presenting unique flavour combinations that will surprise and delight. Apéritif’s commitment to eclecticism ensures that guests embark on a culinary adventure which will expand their horizons and push the boundaries of traditional dining. 


An Immersive Open Kitchen Experience: Where Culinary Magic Unfolds 


Nestled amidst Ubud’s lush jungle valley setting, Apéritif offers more than just a fine dining experience. The open kitchen concept invites guests to peer behind the scenes and witnesses the artistry and precision of our culinary team in action. Set in a 1920s-inspired dining room with a striking view of Ubud’s verdant landscape, Apéritif creates an immersive ambience that fosters a sense of connection with the natural environment. From the moment guests step into the spacious restaurant, they are greeted with the captivating sights and sounds of culinary creativity, from the displayed wine cellar to the bustling open kitchen. The interactive nature of the open kitchen experience truly elevates the dining journey at Apéritif. 


Artistry on the Plate: Where Every Dish Tells a Tale 


At Apéritif, our culinary artistry extends beyond the palate and we create a feast for the eyes too. Meticulously plated dishes showcase the restaurant’s unwavering attention to detail and artistic presentation, elevating the dining experience to new heights. Each dish at Apéritif tells a story through its composition and visual appeal, incorporating multiple layers of texture, temperature, sight and smell. From the exquisite degustation signatures like ‘Pandan Colada’ and ‘Kagoshima Wagyu A5’ to the imaginative vegetarian creations like ‘Kohlrabi’ and the ‘Vegetable Garden’, every plate is a work of art carefully crafted by our Executive Chef, Nic Vanderbeeken, and his team. Apéritif understands that dining is a sensory experience meant to be savoured and remembered. 

Apéritif Restaurant Prestige Menu Wagyu

Apéritif’s Culinary Philosophy: Enchanting, Unique and Unforgettable

Apéritif Restaurant embodies an enchanting and unique dining concept that transports guests to a bygone era. With a blend of the European tradition of pre-dinner drinks and canapés, Apéritif sets the stage for a culinary journey like no other. The degustation menu, available in both carnivorous and vegetarian options, serves as a gateway to exploring the world through the eclectic flavours and culinary masterpieces curated by our passionate team. Apéritif’s commitment to culinary excellence, pushing boundaries and creating an unforgettable dining experience that stimulates all the senses, ensures that every visit will leave a lasting impression.

So, now’s the time to embark on a culinary adventure at Apéritif, where kitchen alchemy transforms ingredients into extraordinary culinary masterpieces. Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavours, witness the artistry of the open kitchen, and indulge in an eclectic dining experience that will captivate both your palate and imagination. Apéritif is more than just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of culinary creativity, passion, and the pursuit of excellence. Come and experience the magic firsthand

A Feast for all the Senses

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