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Bespoke porcelain tableware from Gaya Ceramics enhances the dining experience at Apéritif Restaurant

A true fine-dining experience is about more than the food. Indeed, it includes every aspect of the restaurant, from the service to the lighting to the décor. And beyond the food that is plated to delight, the plate itself is hugely important — as are the glasses, the cutlery and the linen set on the table. In this age of hyper-curation, the world’s top chefs are looking to small-scale designers to create customized masterpieces for them. The process becomes truly collaborative, as chefs seek to elevate the aesthetics of their culinary visions and designers push the limits of their imaginations—all to enhance the world’s most epicurean meals.

From its inception, Apéritif’s vision was to be a standout destination in both the Bali and international food scenes. With a dining concept that integrates the long-standing European tradition of pre-dinner gatherings, Apéritif truly appreciates the beauty of food and the dining experience. The food is complemented by beautiful plates, bowls, glasses and ornament decor which encourages diners to enjoy every single bite created by its world-class chefs. Not only does it taste exceptional, but the food is also complemented by an aesthetic value that arouses the taste buds of food connoisseurs.

A Feast for all the Senses

Ceramics and tableware play an important role in plating presentations. They’re part of each plate’s story and can allow diners to interact with food in unexpected ways. Textures and colour play important roles in achieving this, and deciding which ones to use entails numerous considerations. The food that will be served on the plate is an important element, as is the restaurant’s interior and general atmosphere. Displaying food on a plate can turn a great dish into a piece of art.

Apéritif have partnered with Gaya Ceramic and Design to collaboratively create bespoke ceramic pieces for its dining room to match the experience, from the menu concept to restaurant character, the furniture to beautiful interior design.

At Apéritif, diners are welcomed with a pre-dinner drink and canapés served on a plate with the colour of shiny ox-blood. To end their meal, diners are invited to the bar, where the dessert and petit fours are served on a shiny white-gold and platinum acquoso decoration plate. In between, the tableware is a collaboration between the Bali-based Italian ceramicists Marcello and his wife Michela from Gaya Ceramic. Gaya Ceramic work closely with local craftsmen to bring to life ideas, creativity, passion, emotion, and ultimately, fine art on a plate.

Aperitif Interior

With a strong preference of working with suppliers who share a passion for delicious food and a deliberate experience, collaborating with Gaya Ceramics was a natural choice. The Gaya Ceramics family comprises over 100 craftsmen who help to form, glaze and fire each handmade piece, all truly abiding by the ethos of “We don’t manufacture, we create.” Gaya endeavours to preserve and promote traditional craftsmanship, applying understanding and appreciation to craftsmen with the meticulous process of hand-making ceramics. And in partnering with Gaya, Apéritif continues to support local Bali businesses and artists.

Apéritif chose to use primarily porcelain material for all tableware in the restaurant. Porcelain has perfect properties for plating, including low permeability, is high in strength, hardness, glassiness and durability. The array of bespoke porcelain colours takes its form in the following ways at Apéritif:

1. Celadon
The jade-green colour in the ceramic world or “Celadon” originated from China and is a term used for pottery denoting wares glazed in jade green. Apéritif uses the shiny ash celadon hue in six of its plates.

Apéritif - Tofu


2. Ox-Blood
As its name suggests, the shiny ox-blood tableware at Apéritif has a glossy, rich, blood-red glaze. The pieces are carved entirely by hand, one by one. Typically, Apéritif’s amuse-bouche are served on a shiny ox-blood plate to help flare diner’s appetites ahead of a 6 or 8-course degustation.

Apéritif - Beetroot

Apéritif’s Executive Head Chef Nic Vanderbeeken understands the intimate relationship between presentation and the overall dining experience. For restaurateurs, chefs, and food aficionados, the choice of tableware can make the difference between a great experience and a less impressive one. In Apéritif’s efforts to leave an everlasting impression on guests that dine at the restaurant, each dish is transformed into a memorable dining experience with the assistance of Gaya’s artistic flare.

Diners at Apéritif are eligible to receive an exclusive discount on showroom items at Gaya ceramics. For more information, please contact the restaurant at +62 361 908 2 777.

To reserve your table at Apéritif click the link here: https://www.aperitif.com/reservations/