Michelin Star Restaurant Etiquette

A waiter showing etiquette at a Michelin Star Restaurant

Dining at a Michelin-star restaurant isn’t just about eating. It’s about appreciating exquisite culinary art. 

In our Michelin Star restaurant etiquette guide, we give you the must-know etiquette guidelines, so that you can feel confident when you dine at a Michelin restaurant

Michelin-Star Restaurant Etiquette Guidelines 

1. Reserve Your Table

Many Michelin restaurants are booked for weeks. This is why we recommend you call or book ahead of time to reserve your table. If you have any dietary preferences, inform them of this when you make your booking.

2. Familiarise Yourself With the Restaurant’s Offerings

Look at the restaurant’s website or online menus to see what they offer to eat and drink. Remember what meals interest you. This practice saves time when ordering à la carte.

3. Adhere to the Michelin Star Restaurant’s Dress Code

You should always try to dress appropriately to suit the restaurant’s ambiance and according to the Michelin Star restaurant’s dress code or guidelines. You can ring them up for details or look for details on their website. 

Typically, most Michelin-Star establishments require a patron to wear: 

Formal Dress CodeCasual Dress Code
Men: Suit, tuxedo, or dress shirt and trousers
Women: Evening gown, blouse and skirt, trousers or cocktail dress.
Smart Casuals

Avoid wearing flip-flops, t-shirts, shorts, or anything too revealing or flashy. Also, try not to use strong perfumes or colognes.

A couple showing proper table etiquette at a Michelin Star restaurant

4. Arrive on Time

When you’re punctual, you show the staff that you care about the restaurant’s schedule. Arriving on time is all the more crucial if you’ve opted for a tasting menu because they can only start serving your party when everyone who ordered it is seated. This helps the restaurant serve the courses smoothly.

5. Silence Your Phone

When you set your phone to silent mode, it shows that you’re fully present and ready for your Michelin Star dining experience. Your dining partner and staff will appreciate your decision to prioritise them, not your calls and texts. It also shows respect to other diners at the restaurant.

6. Behave Respectfully With Staff

It’s common courtesy to speak politely to the staff, maintain eye contact, and acknowledge their efforts. Your positive behaviour builds good relations with them, and inspires them to go the extra mile in making your dining experience special.

7. Avoid Being Noisy

When you dine in a Michelin restaurant, you should aim to speak in moderate tones with your dining partner. Being mindful of other diners’ presence creates a respectful atmosphere to all who are dining at the establishment.

8. Follow Michelin Star Table Manners

Here are some manners you can easily adopt when you dine at a Michelin-Starred restaurant:

  • Use Napkins the Right Way: When you sit down to dine, place your napkin on your lap and unfold it gently. Don’t tuck it into your shirt collar. When using it to clean your mouth, just dab it. Avoid wiping your face with it.
  • Pause Gracefully: If you need to pause during your meal, place the fork and knife together in the centre of the plate. The fork tines face upwards, and the knife blade faces inward. It’s like an inverted “V” shape.
  • Avoid Holding the Menu: Keep the menu on the table or in its holder. This way, it stays clean and neat for others to use later. It also keeps the dining area looking tidy.
  • Handle Cutlery Gracefully.
  • Avoid Reaching for a Plate Too Far: Ask for things to be passed or call a waiter instead of reaching across the table.
  • Hold the Wine Glass by the Stem.
  • Pick up the Outermost Utensils (usually the fork and knife). Hold them gently but firmly. Rest your wrists lightly on the table’s edge. Keep your elbows near your body. Eat without making noise with your utensils.
  • Signal Staff: If you like a dish, let the staff know by signalling them over. Avoid clapping or shouting out loud.
  • Give Polite Feedback: If you’re displeased with your meal, handle the situation discreetly and politely with the wait staff. 
  • Chew Quietly: This is basic eating etiquette. Chew without making noise to be polite to others. Place any discarded food items on the upper left side of your plate.
  • Eat at the Right Pace: Don’t eat too fast or take too long between courses, especially with a tasting menu. It helps the meal go smoothly.
  • Finishing Etiquette: When you’ve finished eating, place the fork and knife diagonally. The fork tines face up, and the knife blade faces inward. Place your napkin neatly beside your plate.

9. Avoid Asking for More at the End of a Tasting Menu

Most tasting menus are designed to satisfy your hunger. So, it’s best not to ask for additional food even if you’re hungry. It might seem like you don’t understand how tasting menus work.

If you are still hungry, try ordering food from an ala carte menu instead.

10. Tip Right

Many Michelin restaurants include the service charge in the bill. If not, a 5-10% tip is perfectly acceptable.

11. Give Authentic Feedback

After you finish eating, tell the chef or staff what you enjoyed or didn’t like. It’s good to give helpful feedback, so they can get better through constructive criticism. But try not to be rude if the food or did not live up to your expectations.

Staff at a Michelin Star restaurant

Michelin Star Dining in Ubud

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