Famed for the culinary excellence at Cascades, Viceroy’s original restaurant, it’s no surprise that the team has embarked on a new, elevated dining experience aimed at setting fresh benchmarks in Balinese gastronomy.

Fine Dining Destination Ubud

Nestled amidst a lush jungle valley, just a stone’s throw from central Ubud, Apéritif emerges as Bali’s latest and most exclusive fine dining destination. The menu embarks on a global culinary journey, bridging the Indonesian archipelago with an assortment of flavors that mirror the boundary-breaking nature of today’s world. Under the stewardship of Belgian Executive Chef Nic Vanderbeeken, this culinary odyssey melds influences from the Spice Islands of yore with modern European tastes and culinary techniques. The sophisticated eight-course degustation menu unites the essence of modern gastronomy, lesser-known Indonesian ingredients, exquisite globally sourced produce, and the restaurant’s very own greenhouse harvest.


Tamarillo Negron
Tamarillo Negron


The time-honored European tradition of savoring apéritifs—pre-dinner drinks and appetizers designed to awaken the palate—finds a seamless home at the restaurant. Every evening commences with complimentary pre-dinner apéritifs and canapés at the Bar, an ambiance reminiscent of the vibrant Roaring Twenties. The restaurant’s elegant design pays homage to Indonesia’s Dutch colonial history.

Drawing from a wealth of culinary experiences worldwide, the kitchen team expertly marries hints of Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage with contemporary global cuisine. “The menu showcases our diverse culinary background from our global culinary adventures. We wanted to demonstrate what a diverse and meticulously crafted global menu looks like,” Chef Nic explained. “We continually experiment with a variety of native herbs, fruits, and locally available produce, skillfully integrating them into our technically sophisticated degustation menu. We’ve thoughtfully designed a dining experience that is genuinely enchanting and unlike any other in Bali.”

At Apéritif, guests have the option to select a wine pairing to complement each course. Curated by the in-house sommelier, these pairings harmonize wines from various corners of the world with the distinct flavors and textures on the plate. Creative pairings include a French Brut Rosé with the Venison Wellington and a crisp yet floral Yalumba Viognier accompanying the curry-tinged Papua Crab. Boasting an extensive cellar housing over 180 distinct wine labels, the restaurant offers an abundance of brilliant wine pairings and the opportunity to relish special individual bottles alongside a delectable degustation.

Non-alcoholic pairings, in the form of imaginative homemade kombuchas and infused teas, provide a delightful alternative.


Papua Crab
Papua Crab


Matching its name, the restaurant boasts an extensive selection of aperitif-style beverages, along with cocktails masterminded by the award-winning bartender Ran Van Ongevalle. The cocktail program, inspired by the Roaring Twenties, has been thoughtfully crafted to suit Bali’s tropical climate while showcasing top-tier artisanal spirits and in-house infusions.

Residing in a generously proportioned standalone edifice that overlooks the jungle vista, the 60-seat restaurant is adorned with opulent marbles, dark woods, and bronze accents, exuding the convivial grandeur of the 1920s. Paying homage to Indonesia’s intricate colonial history, the space is adorned with genuine period photographs that depict Bali and Yogyakarta’s last Dutch-Indonesian Viceroys.