Apéritif Rises Eight Spots on the World’s Best Places Stars’ Top 60 Restaurants List

Bali, Indonesia – May 16, 2019 – Apéritif, the fine dining establishment based in Bali, has achieved a notable feat by climbing eight positions on the World’s Best Places Stars (WBP Stars) Top 60 Restaurants list. This ascent follows Apéritif’s debut on the list in January 2019, shortly after the restaurant’s official opening in late 2018. In just four months, this culinary newcomer in Ubud, Bali, has garnered local and regional acclaim for its distinctive approach to global eclectic cuisine, making the jump from #58 to #50.

WBP Stars is a comprehensive resource catering to food enthusiasts, travelers, and hospitality professionals. The platform showcases the world’s finest fine dining restaurants and luxury hotels, aiming to offer valuable insights into top-notch dining and hospitality experiences worldwide. Restaurants featured on this platform undergo evaluation based on seven distinct criteria. The assessment includes ratings from anonymous inspectors, WBP Stars’ dedicated editorial team, and authentic guest reviews. The overall score, out of a possible 100 points, comprises a maximum of 40 points for taste, along with 10 points each for innovation, uniqueness, plating, service, value for money, and sustainability.

Chef Nic Vanderbeeken, the 39-year-old Executive Chef at Apéritif, expressed his gratitude for the restaurant’s rapid recognition on WBP Stars’ list. He noted that this achievement, merely six months after opening, underscores the hard work and dedication invested in crafting each and every dish. Chef Nic added that Apéritif’s team remains committed to delivering an exceptional dining experience while continually evolving and improving.

Apéritif’s menu embarks on a culinary journey through global cuisine, incorporating the diverse flavors found in the Indonesian archipelago. Chef Nic Vanderbeeken and Pastry Chef Alexander McKinstry artfully merge modern European cuisine with the rich gastronomic culture of Indonesia. They create dishes tailored to the discerning palates of today’s global diners by drawing inspiration from the intersections of various distinct cuisines around the world.

Set within a spacious standalone building with views of the lush tropical jungle, Apéritif boasts an opulent ambiance reminiscent of the 1920s. It expertly combines premium ingredients sourced from across the globe and the island of Bali, crafting an eclectic blend of global cuisine while preserving its distinct sense of place.

About Apéritif:

Nestled within the serene mountain valley of Ubud, Apéritif offers a distinctive and unconventional fine-dining experience in Bali. The restaurant, housed in an elegant standalone building, overlooks the verdant jungle landscape and draws inspiration from the 1920s. Apéritif presents refined seasonal degustation menus that mirror the culinary team’s profound respect for ingredients. The menu embarks on a global culinary expedition with the Indonesian archipelago serving as its gateway, offering an eclectic journey through global gastronomy, enriched by the influences of the Old Spice Islands. It masterfully blends premium produce sourced globally, locally, and from the Apéritif greenhouse, all with the finesse of modern European culinary techniques.

Apéritif’s luxurious tropical setting is also home to Apéritif Bar, where patrons are encouraged to savor pre-dinner cocktails in an atmosphere that exudes the elegance of the Roaring Twenties.

Matt Brazier

Professionally trained Brand and Marketing Manager with a passion for the luxury hospitality industry. Have visited Asia about 60 times in the last 10 years, staying in some of the top hotels in the world. Having worked in operations, sales, product, and marketing allows me to connect dots between many functions of a business. Absolutely love making businesses more differentiated and distinctive in the marketplace. Currently living in Ubud, Bali.