How Much Is Food in Bali?

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On average, meal prices in Bali range from around $1 to $25 or more per person

Your dining expenses in Bali depend on where you eat and where the eating establishment is located. If you dine at a modest place on the streets, it’ll cost you less. But if you opt for a plush restaurant in a posh area, expect to pay more.

Cooking at home might seem affordable. But it depends on what you buy and where you get it. Buying some ingredients from Western-style supermarkets could end up costing more.

Fortunately, Bali caters to all budgets. This handy guide gives you an idea of Bali’s food scene and how much you might spend. With this information, you can plan your Bali trip budget and smartly choose where to eat.

What Is the Cost of Food in Bali?

We’ve broken down the prices according to the types of eating outlets across Bali.

Budget spot: ~ $1-3 per meal

Casual places: ~ $5-10 per meal

Mid-range food places: ~ $10-25 per meal

Luxury places: ~ $25 per meal onwards

💡Note: The prices we’ve mentioned are just estimates and could change. Restaurants in the middle price range may cost more in tourist areas like Canggu and Seminyak. Dining at hotels usually costs more than independent restaurants in the same area.

Where Can You Eat in Bali?

You can eat in Bali at street stalls, warungs, casual cafés, mid-range restaurants, and fancy hotel dining spots. 

1. Local Markets and Food Stalls

Why Visit Them?

The local stalls serve Bali’s genuine street food at low prices. They offer fresh fruits, snacks, and ready-to-eat meals. They’re perfect for travellers on a budget

How do you find them? 

They’re available in markets in Ubud, Kuta, and Seminyak and on busy local streets. Or, you can check with the locals.

2. Warungs

Why Visit Them?

Warungs are small family-run restaurants. They serve affordable home-made traditional Balinese food in a simple setting. The food is prepared according to traditional Balinese recipes. Some families safely guard their recipes.

How do you find them?

Warungs are very common and can be found all over Bali. You can ask locals about their favourite warungs.

3. Casual Restaurants and Cafés

Why Visit Them?

Casual restaurants and cafés serve Balinese and international meals at affordable prices. They’re perfect for laid-back and contemporary dining experiences. Some of these places offer amazing views.

How do you find them?

You can explore the streets of popular tourist areas or check online reviews.

4. Mid-range Restaurants

Why Visit Them?

Mid-range restaurants strike a balance between casual and fine dining. They serve Balinese and international food in a comfortable setting with fine service. You get your money’s worth here. They’re perfect for gatherings or simply relaxing.

How do you find them? 

You can find restaurants with reasonable prices on food apps or ask locals for their recommendations.

5. Hotel Restaurants and Fine Dining Establishments

Why Visit Them?

Hotel restaurants offer casual as well as luxurious dining experiences. They usually serve high-end dishes, have elegant décor, and offer great service. They’re perfect for special celebrations or romantic dinners. Fine dining restaurants in Bali offer some of the world’s best dining experiences. These establishments offer exceptional cuisine, service and often have incredible ocean, jungle, garden or rice paddy views.

How do you find them? 

You can look out for restaurants in reputable hotels and read online reviews to compare the best fine dining restaurants in Bali.

A warung in Bali

Fine Dining in Bali

When you’re in Bali, we recommend not missing out on the amazing dining experience at Apéritif Restaurant.

What’s Unique About Dining at Apéritif Restaurant?

Apéritif Restaurant is one of Bali’s top places for fine dining. Executive Chef Nic Vanderbeeken’s creative cooking is a big reason why.

  • Our Culinary Philosophy:

Chef Nic mixes Indonesian flavours with global ingredients and recipes to create our special tasting menus. We call this approach the ‘Borderless Food Concept.’ It’s our inspiration to connect people through food.

A good example of this technique is a sushi roll that mixes the savoury taste of Japanese umami with the creamy richness of French beurre blanc sauce. Drooling, isn’t it?

  • Our Masterful Menus:

We have five different tasting menus that change daily. Our meals blend the tastes of the Spice Islands with European flavours.

  1. Signature Degustation — This eight-course menu starts with a cheese trolley. Then, we serve cocktails and snacks before ending with sweet treats. It costs IDR 1,690,000++ per person and brims with exoticness.
  1. The Avant-Garde Degustation — This eight-course menu showcases our chefs’ creativity way differently. We innovate every three months for this menu. The highlight is the incredibly exquisite Russian Sturgeon Caviar or Beluga Caviar. The menu costs IDR 1,690,000++ per person.
  1. Vegan/Vegetarian Degustation — Both menus feature seven courses. Dishes like Mushroom Wellington, Sensation White and the dessert Petit Fours within this course are quite famous. Guests often do a double take on the dessert to confirm it’s entirely plant-based.
  1. Romantic Candlelight Degustation — This eight-course menu is the fanciest one we offer. It’s priced at 1,990,000++ per person. This special menu is sure to enhance your romance. The highlight is our famous Venison Wellington dish. It features lean venison, foie gras, mushroom rendang sauce, and puff pastry.
A fine dining meal in Bali

  • Star-Studded Gourmet Affairs

Occasionally, we invite famous Michelin-star chefs to create special meals that blend French cooking techniques with Asian spices and sauces. With these partnerships, we connect different cultures through food.

The seven or eight-course menus that result are just as great as eating at a world-class Michelin star restaurant in Bali. These partnerships have also affected our cooking and overall dining experience.

  • Invitation-only Tasting Menu 

At Apéritif Restaurant, we host a special monthly dinner series called Privé. It’s a tribute to French cuisine. 

We invite ten guests to our Chef’s special dining room for a six-course tasting experience. The night is elevated with live jazz and cocktails. 

We also provide a unique tour of our Research Kitchen before dinner. Here, our chefs talk about what inspires their cooking and give guests a peek at the ingredients for the evening. This behind-the-scenes tour adds an emotional touch to the dining experience.

Bali Food Prices Conclusion

In this blog, we explored the costs of dining in Bali. However, it’s important to know that the real worth of food extends beyond its price. It’s about the happiness it brings, the memories it builds, and the stories it weaves.

So, as you explore Bali’s diverse food scene, visit Apéritif Restaurant. We’ll ensure your every meal is a magical experience. Book your table.

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