Are There Michelin Star Restaurants In Indonesia?


Let’s start the blog straightaway with the answer. Indonesia doesn’t have any Michelin star restaurants yet. Why? 

Michelin traditionally focuses on cities in Europe and the United States. Though Michelin inspectors have covered Asian cities like Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong, they’ve not stepped into Indonesia yet.

What if we tell you that people in Indonesia can still indulge in a Michelin star experience? Continue reading to discover precisely how.


How To Have a Michelin Starred Experience in Indonesia?

Apéritif Restaurant, a fine-dining restaurant in Bali can delight you with a Michelin-star like experience in Indonesia.


We frequently collaborate with Michelin starred chefs worldwide wherein these chefs bring in their culinary artistry to Apéritif Restaurant and treat diners to an eclectic seven or eight-course degustation menu. 

So far, we’ve partnered with distinguished Michelin chefs like Guillaume Galliot, Arnaud Dunand, Julien Royer, Thijs Meliefste, and Benoit Dewitte.

These collaborations are a way for these chefs to experiment and innovate with flavours and go beyond their usual haute cuisine. Diners who joined our collaborative dining events found them to be the most enriching culinary experiences they’ve had in Indonesia.


Michelin Star Restaurant Experience in Bali

As we look to the future, it’s evident that Indonesia’s culinary landscape is evolving rapidly. While Michelin starred restaurants have yet to grace the country, fine-dining establishments like Apéritif Restaurant are putting Indonesia firmly on the global gastronomic map.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply keen to explore new culinary horizons, we warmly invite you to our gastronomic events. We’ll be thrilled to host you otherwise too. 

Come, sample any of our five degustation menus at your leisure. Diners consistently praise our menus for their brilliant fusion of European recipes and traditions with Indonesian flavour profiles. The gourmet fare along with the ambience is unequalled in Indonesia. As good as that of a Michelin-star restaurant.

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