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Michelin style dining in Ubud

Exquisite Dining Inspired By Michelin Chefs in Ubud

Seeking a distinguished Ubud Michelin Star Restaurant. But ending up disappointed? Not anymore! Apéritif has raised the bar for fine dining in Ubud by inviting Michelin-starred chefs to create exceptional dining experiences. 

Renowned doyens like Chef Guillaume Galliot, Chef Arnaud Dunand, Chef Julien Royer, Chef Thijs Meliefste and Benoit Dewitte have collaborated with our Executive Chef Nic Vanderbeeken. These culinary artists have shaped innovative degustation menus, and influenced our culinary mastery.

We are passionate about offering more such culinary odysseys in the future. Until then, tantalise your taste buds with our ever-evolving modern global cuisine rooted in long-standing European tradition. Right in the heart of Ubud.


Partnerships With Michelin Starred Chefs

Apéritif has been working with Michelin starred chefs to create unmatched dining journeys. Our exclusive collaborations have introduced Ubud to a fusion of world-class cuisines. Each of our guest Michelin chefs — Chef Guillaume Galliot, Chef Arnaud Dunand Sauthier, Chef Julien Royer, Chef Thijs Meliefste, and Chef Benoit Dewitte — has brought to the table years of distinguished expertise and remarkable eclecticism to their degustation menus. These dining experiences have rewarded our guests with never-before-tried tastes and memories of a lifetime. They have placed Apéritif at a higher echelon as a dining destination and upped Ubud’s fine dining scene.


Sophisticated Dining In Ubud

Indulging in a culinary savior faire in a colonial manor and viewing the stunningly serene rice paddy fields and verdant gardens through expansive Palladian windows is indescribable. You have to dine here to experience it. Plush and luxurious. Adorned with baroque patterns, sweeping chandeliers, and enthralling fabrics, this opulent restaurant mimics the Romanticism of the 1920s. The sprawling 1,000-square-metre sanctuary houses intimate seating for those cosy conversations in the middle of a degustation menu. Bespoke ceramic tableware accompanied by milky white linen and silver cutlery invoke the aura of a European Michelin star restaurant right here in Ubud.

Ambiance and elegance of Aperitif

Michelin Chef Collaboration Leading to Culinary Artistry

Our dining experience is like a symphony, where every meal perfectly harmonizes with the next. A remarkable celebration of our Michelin Chef Collaboration resulting in epicurean excellence. We meticulously curate sophisticated seasonal tasting menus made of locally and internationally sourced, fresh and authentic ingredients. Our wine-infused degustation menu with aperitifs is a dining delight for those who appreciate clean and subtle tastes. Our gastronomy is a classic East-Meets-West inspiration. We blend modern European cuisine with Indonesia’s rich culinary culture to create a dining experience in Ubud that transports people beyond its borders. Experience the essence of redefined fine dining at Apéritif.


Hospitality Par Excellence

At Apéritif, our Balinese hospitality is an art form. From the moment you arrive until your last dollop of dessert, we wrap you in genuine warmth and attentive pampering. Our service staff ensures your dining experience is short of extraordinary. We anticipate and cater to your dietary preferences, wine selections, and allergen concerns. You get to savour a personalised decadent menu that will linger with you for years. Amidst our elegant setting, we create an atmosphere of comfort and refinement. Whether it’s a celebration or an impromptu dinner, we are here to up your dining experience.


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Our dress code is smart to formal attire. We ask that you please refrain from wearing sports clothing or beachwear, including t-shirts and flip-flops. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned.



Lunch | 12noon – 2pm* Sat-Tue

Dinner | 5.30pm-8.30pm* Open Daily*Last Kitchen order time

Bar | 4pm - late Open Daily

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