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 Refined Dining Inspired By Michelin Chefs In Bali


Apéritif has a hallmark in its legacy — exclusive Apéritif restaurant collaborations with esteemed Michelin-Star chefs and bringing the essence of Michelin Star excellence to our Bali diners. While Michelin has not yet visited Bali, we have been recognised by Michelin as ‘Upping the fine dining game in Bali’.

Apéritif’s partnerships with Michelin chefs allow us to curate a dining experience unlike any other. Our degustation menu pushes the boundaries of gastronomy in Bali. It tempts your taste buds and journeys you to culinary bliss.

We invite connoisseurs of great taste like you to savour the exquisite flavours of our sumptuous main courses and decadent desserts. All, amidst a luxurious setting, sophisticated decor and impressive hospitality.

Join us at Apéritif Restaurant to indulge in the most exquisite fine dining in Bali, inspired by the artistry of Michelin Star chefs.


Michelin Starred Chef Partnerships

Apéritif’s exclusive collaborations with renowned Michelin-star chefs bring to Bali a fusion of world-class cuisines. These esteemed partnerships create unrivalled and unforgettable dining experiences.

We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed Michelin Star chefs like Chef Guillaume Galliot and Chef Arnaud Dunand Sauthier for their mastery of French cuisine, Chef Julien Royer, Chef Thijs Meliefste, and Chef Benoit Dewitte. 

These meticulously curated dining experiences never fail to delight and inspire. They showcase the chefs’ imaginative prowess and the inventiveness of their creations. We further elevate the exclusivity through conversations between chefs and diners.


Sophisticated Dining In Bali

At Apéritif Restaurant, we have meticulously curated every aspect to cater to the refined palates of discerning diners like you.

Our skilled kitchen team crafts Bali’s fine dining masterpieces using a diverse array of ingredients. This culinary delight is complemented by the restaurant’s picturesque setting and luxurious ambience.

Set against the breathtaking beauty of Ubud’s rice fields, Apéritif effortlessly blends tranquillity with opulence. The romantic 1920s-colonial style decor invites you to experience the perfect fusion of old-world charm and modern sophistication. All of these elements converge splendidly to epitomise the essence of high life.

Ambiance and elegance of Aperitif

Michelin Chef Collaboration Combined with Culinary Artistry

Set off on a sensorily culinary journey and Michelin Star level experience at Apéritif Restaurant. 

Here, a team of master chefs led by the visionary Executive Chef, Nic Vanderbeeken, skilfully blend traditional techniques with avant-garde creativity to unveil a tapestry of flavours. 

From locally sourced fresh ingredients to exotic treasures from distant shores, each meal tantalizes your palate and sparks your senses. Our degustation menu is a journey of delectable exploration. From the rich colours to the appetising aromas, it awakens your senses and elevates your dining experience.


Bali Gastronomic Excellence

When you choose to dine at Apéritif Restaurant, you don’t just treat yourself to a memorable meal but also support our sustainability cause. We go beyond being a fancy dining place. And, how? 

Firstly, we source the majority of our ingredients and produce locally. This significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Additionally, we empower our chefs to minimise food wastage by using ingredients as much as possible.

Your decision to dine with us aligns with our commitment to conserving the environment and making the planet healthier. You become our valued partner in our sustainability journey.


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Our dress code is smart to formal attire. We ask that you please refrain from wearing sports clothing or beachwear, including t-shirts and flip-flops. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned.



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