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Indulge in Exemplary Gastronomy at Apéritif, Bali

A gastronomic restaurant in Bali. A culinary oasis. A sanctuary of senses. All of these epithets converge in one name — Apéritif.

We offer you a decadent variety of five fine dining degustation menus. Each bite whether from a delicate seafood dish, a succulent meat cut, or a vegan finesse, is a stroke of artistry. 

Indulge in the pleasures of the table, and discover why Apéritif is the ultimate gastronomy destination in Bali.

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A Gastronomic Journey through Immaculate Flavours

We offer five distinct degustation menus. They are a harmonious fusion of the flavours of Old Spice Islands and European influences. Our Signature menu celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Bali and beyond. The Avant-Garde menu reflects the inventiveness of our chefs. For this menu, we push the boundaries of our culinary craftsmanship every three months. Dear vegetarian and vegan diners, we have thoughtful curations for you too! You can regale in fine plant-based meals made from fresh produce tossed with exclusive ingredients. Last but not least, our special Candlelight menu pushes romance to new heights. It’s an unforgettable romantic gastronomic experience.

Argentinian red prawn at aperitif restaurant

Our Culinary Philosophy

Imagine Japanese umami with the finesse of French cuisine, the freshness of Nordic cuisine, and the heritage of Indonesia. All of these, in a single menu! Difficult to fathom? This is our ethos at Apéritif. We unify the Indonesian flavours with the ingredients and recipes of different international locations in a remarkably unique style to create our exotic tasting menus. You can call this a delectable gastronomic orchestra. We call it the ‘Borderless Food Concept’. This is what defines our culinary ethos and drives our creativity. It is our way of connecting people from far and wide corners through food.

Chef Nic of Aperitif Restaurant doing michelin star collab dinner with Chef Galliot from Caprice, Four Seasons Hong Kong

Star-Studded Gastronomy

Apéritif welcomes renowned Michelin-star chefs to write cross-cultural culinary dialogues and redefine Indonesian gastronomy. These expeditions blend techniques and traditions of French cuisine with spices and sauces from the Asian continent. With these partnerships, we aim to connect disparate lands through food. Doyens like Chef Guillaume Galliot, Benoit Dewitte, Julien Royer, Arnaud Dunand and Thijs Meliefste have collaborated with our executive chef Nic Vanderbeeken to bring this vision to life. The resulting seven or eight-course degustation menus are extraordinary. These collaborations have also left an indelible stamp on our culinary artistry and overall dining experience.

Apéritif Restaurant - Private Dining Room

Gourmet Culinary Crescendo

At Apéritif, we organise a monthly dinner series called Privé. This event is an ode to the cuisines of the world. In every event, we invite 10 diners for a six-course tasting gastronomy menu to our Chef’s private room. The evening’s allure peaks with cocktails and live jazz music. But, there’s more to Privé. We also organise an exclusive exploration of the Research Kitchen before dining. Here, our chefs narrate their culinary inspirations and give an exclusive peek into the ingredient profiles for the evening. This exclusive session evokes an emotional resonance for the guests during dining.

A Masterful Gastronomic Restaurant in Bali

In this epicurean paradise, the air is perfumed with tantalising scents of myriad spices. You can find the table to be a vibrant kaleidoscope of the freshest and finest meals. Our virtuosos in the kitchen design a meticulous and eternally memorable gastronomic restaurant in Bali.

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