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Bali Fine Dining Worth a Special Journey

Flavourful and elegant, punctuated with a commitment to excellence, Apéritif Restaurant has become known as the pinnacle of fine dining in Bali. Apéritif seeks to redefine the elevated culinary landscape in Bali, intertwining the lush tapestry of Indonesian bounty with superior global culinary finesse. More that just a place dedicated to fine dining cuisine, Apéritif is a sensorial journey that takes you back to a time gone by. Returning to the grand manor in the middle of rice fields when in Bali, never fails to whet your appetite for the unexpected.

The Essence of Fine Dining In Bali

Set amidst the lush surrounds of Ubud, the impressive colonial manor, adorned with priceless antiques and grand marble spaces, steps you into another world providing an experience that goes beyond the food itself. The blending of grand architecture and Balinese aesthetics, is not the only thing to awaken the senses. From elegant tableware to enchanting ambiance, sensory delights orchestrate every part of the unexpectedly grand dining experience at Apéritif.

Apéritif art deco inspired restaurant

Excellence without Compromise

At the heart of Apéritif are its degustation menus – The Signature, Avant-garde and Vegan – masterpieces of culinary imagination and artistry. Under the helm of Chef Nic Vanderbeeken, time-honoured cooking techniques are met with impassioned innovation. The result? Favours that push boundaries and transcend culinary borders; delicately weaving cross-cultural stories through food. Meticulous sourcing of local and global ingredients ensures sustainable integrity and only the highest calibre produce to plate.

World-Class Wine & Cocktails

Apéritif boasts an unequalled range of fine wines and classic cocktails. The wine cellar is even a sommelier’s dream with the finest vintages and grape varietals, curated by in-house expert Jean-Benoît Isselé. Premium and secret off-menu wine pairings are available for purveyors of the finer things, alongside a carefully curated selection of bottles on the extensive list. Mixologist extraordinaire Panji Wisrawan brings together rare spirits, fine blends, and exotic nectars resulting in imagination libations.

Fine Dining is in the Details

There are so many details to immerse yourself in when stepping into this grand storytale – the bespoke chinaware designed alongside local craftsmen, intricate antique chandeliers, captivating Indonesian artworks – but what truly sets Apéritif restaurant apart is the level of service. The kitchen and staff are committed to service excellence, propelled further by Balinese warmth and hospitality. Diner’s needs are met in a manner both discreet yet welcoming. Dishes created with flair tell the story of falling in love with flavours both new and just-discovered.

Why Apéritif is the Ultimate Fine Dining Restaurant in Bali

Amidst the splendour of a fine dining space, the warmth and convivial atmosphere compel one to linger at Apéritif. It also inspires an appetite for style, a refreshing break from Bali’s flip-flops to enjoy a night of fine living. A journey into a world of gastronomic excellence, juxtaposed with the beautiful backdrop of Ubud’s lush landscape. With its innovative cuisine, elegant setting, extensive wine and cocktail selection, and impeccable service, Apéritif represents the epitome of fine dining in Bali.

Apéritif creates a delightful and unexpected Bali fine dining experience that makes it worth a special journey when on the island, and a must-do when planning your trip. Prepare to be enchanted by the culinary artistry, captivated by the ambiance, and pampered by the service at Apéritif, where every meal is a celebration of the finer things in life. Your exquisite dining experience awaits.

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