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Feast Your Senses at Apéritif Restaurant

Looking for a fancy restaurant in Bali to commemorate your anniversary or honeymoon celebrations? A delightful gastronomical experience awaits you at Apéritif Restaurant.

Taste the epicurean delights of a globally inspired menu that beautifully marries local flavours with the dishes you probably grew up loving. 

Let the jaw-dropping rice fields charm you as you make your way into our colonial manor and experience our upscale dining experience; a great selection of wine, and a degustation menu like no other in Bali. 

Truly a feast for your senses awaits you at our location in Ubud.


A Tropical Elegance

Imagine a place where Western opulence and wine find a harmonious match with Eastern culture and hospitality. That’s Apéritif

Bali’s cultural heart, Ubud, is home to our hotel. But we still aim to delight global tastebuds and offer a memorable fine-dining experience that you can take home with you. 

Our restaurant is inspired by a colonial manor, lined with baroque patterns and grand paintings converging that resemble the Michelin-starred restaurants you may have sampled. But our winning stroke is our Balinese hospitality: two words that are synonymous with an unforgettable time in this piece of paradise. Local Balinese staff work alongside our international chefs to provide a fine dining and hospitality experience that’s the best of both worlds. Each dish is masterfully crafted with flavours of both the East and the West—and served in intricate ceramics for a complete fine-dining journey. 

Apéritif Bar Launching Cocktail 1930's

Bali’s Unforgettable Degustation Experience

Our Executive Chef Nic Vanderbeeken treats every dish like a new project: carefully crafting fusion dishes that honour old cooking traditions with a penchant for the new and innovative. Every dish is curated with love, the finest ingredients, and a lot of diligence to ensure you only taste the best on your plates.

Just like everything else at Apéritif, Bali inspires everything we do in the kitchen. We take great pleasure in our locally-inspired global cuisine that uses the freshest ingredients from Bali & abroad to create a degustation menu that’s unique to Apéritif Restaurant.

Exemplary Hospitality

Bali is synonymous with living in harmony with nature and all the people on the island. We extend the same hospitality to our guests, coupled with the detail and professionalism of a fine-dining restaurant.

Our commitment to the highest standards of service ensures that every guest has their needs not only taken care of but anticipated in advance. Whether you’re a pescatarian or vegetarian, our chefs have created a world-class Bali degustation experience, just for you.

Apéritif Restaurant x Odette Singapore

Fancy Titbits Or A Culinary Odyssey

We at Apéritif believe that every meal should be more than just a feast for your tastebuds—it should be a feast for all your senses. Every single thing you see, hear, touch, and taste is meticulously assembled with love to make your dining experience complete.

Be prepared to be allured as you walk into our colonial manor and smell the hearty aroma of steaks and tropical herbs wafting into the dining room. Take in the art and the elegant ambience as your delightfully-assembled food finds its way to you for the ultimate fancy dining experience in Ubud. Sample one of our aged wines before you drown in the textures and complex flavours of the multiple-course menu we serve.

If you wish to cherish this elegant setting in private, you can opt for the intimacy of a private saloon or ask to be seated close to the natural Bali setting.

Embrace the Gastronomical Pleasures that Await You at Apéritif!

A restaurant set in a 1920s colonial-style manor serving Balinese-inspired gourmet dishes and fine wine—what else can an epicurean dining experience look like? This and more gastronomical pleasures await you at Apéritif. Sample a degustation menu today. 

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Our dress code is smart to formal attire. We ask that you please refrain from wearing sports clothing or beachwear, including t-shirts and flip-flops. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned.



Lunch | 12noon – 2pm* Sat-Tue

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