Caviar and Champagne Dinner

A Decadent Affair:
Caviar & Champagne Dinner

An evening that will satisfy your Appetite for the Unexpected
Join us for a night of grandeur and splendour on the 6th of October at Apéritif Restaurant and Bar.

7-Course Degustation Menu starts at 7pm
Friday, 6th October 2023

IDR 2.500.000 ++


Under the artistic guidance of Chef Nic Vanderbeeken and his esteemed team, you will embark on a gastronomic voyage, spanning seven meticulously crafted courses, with 4 different verisons of Aquatir caviar taking centre stage. Furthermore, prepare to be delighted with the inclusions of the likes of lobster and Wagyu, elevating this epicurean experience to unparalleled heights. Paired flawlessly with Moët & Chandon Champagnes.

Caviar and champagne has long been regarded as one of the greatest culinary pairings. Buttery and salty bursts of flavours from caviar work are best complimented by sips of fresh and crisp champagne. Apéritif’s resident sommelier details, “Caviar is typically served with dry champagne and vodka because they cleanse the palate and allow you to taste the full flavour of caviar. Dry champagnes are an ideal match, and that’s the flavour profile you will find in Moet Imperial. It is lively, smokey and has the subtle minerality that blends with flavours of dried pineapple, biscuit, salted almonds, and white peach.” 




Blini with Russian Sturgeon
Venison Tartar with Bester Caviar
Mackerel Cream Puff with Sterlet Caviar


Murotsu bay Oyster

Sterlet Caviar/ Mignonette/ Chives

Hokkaido Scallop
Crudo / Smoked Cream / Parsley Oil/ Bester Caviar

White Wine / Clams / Purslane/ Bester Caviar

Slipper Lobster
Cauliflower / Vanilla / Russian Sturgeon Caviar

Wagyu Kiwami
Pommes Moscovite/ Beluga Caviar/ Jus

White Chocolate & Caviar
Smoke White Chocolate / Parfait /Edible Gold / Crumble / Russian Sturgeon


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