Apéritif x Bruno Timperman

The Apéritif Restaurant in Ubud recently hosted a collaboration dinner with Chef Bruno from BRUUT located in Bruges, Belgium. BRUUT recently made the Best European Top Restaurant OAD list in 2022, making the event even more exciting for diners. The collaboration was with Belgium Chef Nic and resulted in a unique degustation experience featuring dishes created by both chefs.

Chef Bruno, who describes himself as ‘brutal,’ is known for his gutsy and delicate flavors. He is not afraid to push culinary boundaries and seeks to surprise diners with unconventional twists and pairings. BRUUT represents a beautiful synthesis of Flemish cuisine, where terroir and traditions are given a contemporary look.

The 7-course degustation menu was held at the luxury dining venue, Apéritif Restaurant. Overall, the event was a huge success and diners left with memorable experiences and a newfound appreciation for Chef Bruno’s ‘brutal’ culinary style.


Bruno Timperman x Apéritif