Our People at Aperitif Restaurant and Bar- The Perfect Fine Dining in Ubud Bali

Interior Design : A Nod to Indonesia's Past

Apéritif restaurant and bar take inspiration from the glamour and decadence of the 1920s with soaring ceilings, antique cast iron chandeliers, huge arched colonial windows and opulent finishings of marble, dark woods and bronze.

A nod to Indonesia's Dutch colonial past, the space is dotted with authentic period photographs and artifacts that will draw on your sense of curiosity and wonderment of the Roaring Twenties. Housed in a spacious standalone building overlooking the jungle and rice field landscape, Apéritif is a 60-seat restaurant with an ambience and class that has been unseen in Bali until now. Romantic dining tables, each set beneath magnificent colonial arch windows, allow for a private dining experience with your loved one.

Apéritif Bar, where you'll enjoy your pre-dinner drink of the same name, is for the most discerning bon vivant. Let us take you to a time where booze was banned yet free-flowing, a much forgotten era of great service and good times.

About Apéritif

  • Apéritif Restaurant and Bar Bali


    A restaurant that takes pride in sense of place, drawing on a rich cultural and culinary history in Indonesia.

  • Apéritif Restaurant and Bar Bali


    The sophisticated degustation menu embraces the European apéritif concept initially, followed by an eclectic menu of gastronomy.

  • Apéritif Bar Bali


    Apéritif Bar is your first port of call when embarking on this decadent experience. The evening begins with a complimentary pre-dinner drink and canapés at the Bar.