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Exquisite Degustation Dining at Apéritif Restaurant Bali

Donning an appetite for the unexpected will lead any traveller to an unparalleled degustation Bali dinner. Apéritif is the pinnacle of fine dining experiences, punctuating any Bali journeys with elegance, refinement and splendour. With several degustation menus on offer, including pescatarian and vegan, Apéritif continuously pushes boundaries and transcends culinary borders, weaving cross-cultural stories through food. Located amidst Ubud’s famous rice fields and jungle setting, a rich tapestry of unexpected global and Balinese fine dining flavours are discreetly underlined by well-loved Indonesian culinary flair. Dishes created with flair are, in themselves, love letters from chefs that tell the story of falling in love with flavours both new and just-discovered.

Black Cod degustation dinner

Unexpected Splendour Amidst Nature

Refinement is the hallmark of Apéritif. A space adorned with intricate baroque patterns, lush textures and grand paintings that create an ambiance of refined luxury. The ornate restaurant details intertwine with Balinese warmth bringing to life a room where you can delight in the extensive degustation menu at your own pace. Each dish is impeccably plated on bespoke ceramics.

Lobster from Apéritif's degustation Bali menu

Degustation Excellence in Bali

Every dish is a testament to culinary artistry and imagination, under the helm of Executive chef Nic Vanderbeeken, where time-honoured cooking techniques are met with impassioned innovation that make an extraordinary dining experience. Fine ingredients from Only the finest items are sourced for this unique Bali degustation dinner; ingredients from across oceans meld seamlessly with local produce.

Degustation Restaurant Bali Staff

Impeccable Service

Upholding a fine dining gold standard known to epicurean elites, Apéritif elevates lunch and dinner into a memorable journey, anticipating the needs of every guest with world-class service. As the pinnacle of degustation Bali dining, the exacting precision and professionalism displayed does not mask the Balinese warmth loved by all on the island.

Tropical chocolate desert from Degustation Bali menu

Your Degustation Dinner Awaits

Dining at Apéritif is more than just a meal; it is a complete sensorial experience that awakens, immerses and inspires diners to lean into all the senses and experience the unexpected. Move through the colonial manor and choose to dine in a romantic Bali setting or private saloon, or enhance the experience with a view of the open kitchen, watching the masters at work.

Why Apéritif is the Perfect Degustation Bali Restaurant

At first glance, Apéritif is already impressive. The colonial manor stands in the midst of Ubud’s picturesque rice fields. Its marble portico leads to another place in time, both familiar yet still unexplored. The journey is punctuated with elevated degustation dining, incredible cocktails and fine wine, alongside impeccable service and refinement. It is more than an exceptional dining destination that draws food enthusiasts from across the world. 

As you plan your visit to Bali, make sure to reserve your table at Apéritif for a degustation experience that is truly worth a special journey. The scene is set for the perfect dining reservation, to commemorate special occasions with loved ones, or simply to salute the memories that will be made over the course of an unforgettable evening.

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