Candle Light Dinner Ubud

Romantic candle light dinner woth picture postcard views of Ubud Jungle

Candlelight Dinner Exquisitely at Apéritif, Ubud

A candle light dinner in Ubud is the perfect way to indulge your romantic evenings. At Apéritif, we deepen your passion by offering an enchanting ambience seduced by exquisite fine dining culinary flavours. Like nowhere else.

We offer Ubud’s most romantic candle light dinner, which can be set up in our private saloon or at our Apéritif dining room for you and your beloved. Amidst the flickering candlelight, our degustation menus weave fantasies of textures and tastes. They are seductive ballets of authentic and fresh ingredients and global inspirations. To complement this art, we offer you a carefully curated collection of wines to enhance your flavours and passion.

Romantic candle light set up at aperitif fine dining restaurant

A Proposal to Remember

At Apéritif, love takes centre stage. Love for gastronomy. Love for all things finest. Love for exclusivity. We marry all of our passions to present you with a captivating and opulent sanctuary for a romantic proposal like no other. After all, your declaration of love is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Take your bae in an enchanting cocoon — our private saloon — perfectly designed to whisper your love confessions in absolute intimacy. From discreetly arranging for a photographer, flower petal decorations, to crafting a personalised dessert with a hidden ring, we are here to leave your partner speechless with joy.

Argentinian red prawn at aperitif restaurant

Pampering Your Passion

Our team takes care of your every dining requirement, so you can uninterruptedly focus on your beloved. You can expect a candlelit dinner matching the exquisiteness of a Michelin-star fine dining space. Clink your wine glasses while our ambassadors of hospitality serve you exotic delicacies amidst the freshly pruned exotic flowers and the soft glow of candles. This is our pleasure to enshrine your romance. Whether you are sowing a new relationship, or sealing your commitment on your honeymoon, our expert staff makes sure that your choice of dining at Apéritif Restaurant is one that you’ll never forget in your lifetime.

Swoony Setting

Apéritif Restaurant is set in the heart of a tropical forest. The lushful beauty and the twinkling stars of the evening sky frame a backdrop of cherished romance. As the evening descends, a table bathed in the soft glow of candle light, beckons two soul mates for a romantic gastronomy. Our visually stunning sanctuary is inspired by the Romanticism of the 1920s. It exudes old-world charm amidst contemporary design. We call it an atmosphere of timeless sophistication. This setting is opulent, masterful, and secluded for your intimate conversations. Come, deepen your romantic bond at Apéritif Restaurant.

Romance on the Menu

Apéritif, romance and food are deeply linked. We offer a specially curated candlelight dinner degustation menu for romantic hearts. It’s a passionate fusion of Balinese flavours and European inspirations that will seduce your taste buds like you could never imagine. Have some scintillating dietary preferences for your partner? Feel free to share them with us. We’ll make your dining experience twin with your romance. Each of our tasting menus is not an assemblage of meals, but notes of love. Each of them offers ample scope to indulge in exotic flavours and unfold your chapters of soulful companionship.

Romantic Candlelit Dinner in Ubud

At Apéritif Restaurant, our staff are choreographers of hospitality. They ensure your evening goes beyond dining into a voyage of love. Surrender to the candlelit allure of Apéritif. Here, romance and gastronomy make unflinching love.

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